"Maybe you’ve mastered licensing, but now we’re going into another area of compliance – one which has nothing to do with the insurance department."

- Arleen Taveras

About this Course

Getting your agency licensed is only half of compliance. You may also need to register your insurance agency with the Secretary of State’s Office and Department of Revenue in each jurisdiction where you do business. You’ll learn how to register and how to handle the different compliance requirements it triggers.


What you'll learn

  • Secretary of State & Department of Revenue Registration

  • Annual Returns & Corporate Tax Filings

  • Certificate of Authority Amendments

  • Withdrawals

  • Reinstatements

Every course also includes

  • DAT Time

    Like any profession, insurance has its share of jargon and acronyms. During DAT Time (which stands for Definitions, Acronyms & Terminology), we’ll review the new terms covered in the course. It’s a great resource to come back to again and again!

  • Interactive Quiz

    It’s great to learn a lot of new concepts, but we want to test your skills. That way you’ll know the areas where you’re on your way to achieving mastery – and where you may need a little bit of additional review.

  • Bonus PDF

    We want to reward your commitment to your education by giving you a FREE resource at the end of each course. For Beyond Licensing, it’s an SOS/DOR Contact List.

Agency Licensing & Compliance Accelerator

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