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- Arleen Taveras

About this Course

We want you to feel confident about enrolling in our online courses, so how about a sneak peek? This isn’t “fluff.” These are actual lessons from actual courses. In fact, they’re some of the most valuable, most crucial, content from each of the courses in the Licensing and Compliance Accelerator Bundle. Check it out!


What you'll learn

  • Who Needs an Insurance License (from Foundations of Insurance Licensing)

  • License Classes and Lines of Authority (from Foundations of Insurance Licensing)

  • Answering the NAIC Background Questions (from Producer Licensing & Compliance)

  • Affiliations (from Producer Licensing & Compliance)

  • Licensing for Your Changing Agency (from Agency Licensing & Compliance)

  • Address Changes (from Agency Licensing & Compliance)

  • Secretary of State Withdrawals (from Beyond Licensing)

  • Staying Informed About Regulatory Changes (from Advancing Your Compliance Career)

This course includes

  • DAT Time

    You’ll also see a sample of DAT Time (which stands for Definitions, Acronyms & Terminology), where you can review the new terms covered in each course. They’re a great resource to come back to again and again!

Agency Licensing & Compliance Accelerator

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